You’re mad at the wrong woman!

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Have a question or comment? Text “Biblos” to (919) 899-4142. This week on the Biblos Network we’re discussing the bride and the harlot of scripture. The question is often asked, “Why are there so many Christian denominations?” We discuss this and more in this episode. Biblos is an Apostolic, Pentecostal Network.

You’re Mad At The Wrong Woman

Matthew 26: 6-13
– Jesus says the poor will always be with us but He won’t always be with us. Worship and praise to God is essential and NOT a waste.
Matthew 4: 4
– A meal will change an appetite, God’s Word will change a life. The true church is more than a breadline.

– The true church looks like the original book of Acts church in Acts 1 and 2
– Acts 2: 4-“And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.”
WHO IS THE TRUE WOMAN? – (20:14) (23:15)
Genesis 3: 15
– The TRUE woman is the covenant people of God; Israel in the Old Testament and true church today which is the bride of Christ in the New Testament
* The Church in the New Testament is often referred to as the bride of Christ with bridal terms
* Revelations 19: 7,9
* Matthew 25: 6
Revelation 12: 1, 2
– This is the true woman; who gives birth to Jesus
– This true woman in clothed in the fulfilled, revealed truth of the New Testament (sun) and
stands upon the law, prophets, and shadows of the Old Testament (moon)

WHO IS THE FALSE WOMAN? (22:22) (24:20) (27:15) (28:00)
Revelation 17
– This is the wrong woman. The wrong woman is false religion
– She is the harlot of religion
Proverbs 31: 29
– Virtuous acts are done by more than just the church
– False religion will do virtuous acts but that doesn’t make them the true church
Revelation 13: 11
– refers to this false woman as a beast that looks like a lamb of God, but speaks like a dragon (Satan)
– On the outside she looks like the church, but her doctrine isn’t the truth of the word of God

Revelation 17
– Not faithful to her husband
– Will accept anyone
– Just wants money from wherever she can get it
– Will use false religion to get her way (holy wars, crusades, inquisitions)

Revelation 17: 5
– This mother of harlots gives birth to harlots i.e. gives birth to many denominations of false religion
* Matthew 7: 15
* Catholic Ecumenism (51:00)


The bride insists on marriage to ONE (oneness) and the harlot will go into covenant with many (trinity/polytheism)
Acts 4: 12, Deuteronomy 6: 4
– The bride obeys Acts 4: 12 while the harlot will pray to anyone (Mary, peter, saints in which there is no salvation)
Luke 20: 25
– The harlot will go into covenant and be purchased the government or politics while the bride knows that Jesus separated the church and the governments of this world
Acts 2: 38, Acts 4: 12, Exodus 34: 14
– The Bride insists on taking the name of the husband while the harlot denies its importance (necessity of baptism in Jesus name)


Matthew 22
– It’s important to be a part of the Bride of Christ. When He returns, He will come for his bride!
Revelation 17
– The Bride adorns herself in modest apparel and aligns herself by the word God, but the harlot is adorned in silver and gold and the precious things of this world. She makes herself seemly to the world and aligns herself by the values of the world.
Acts 2
– This is what the true church looks like. This the Biblical example given to us to follow
* Acts 2: 4-Speaking with other tongues
* Acts 2: 38- Baptism in the ONLY saving name of Jesus Christ and being filled with the Holy Ghost
* Acts 2: 42- Continuing steadfastly in the apostles doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayers
* Acts 2: 47- The true church will have revival and growth WITHOUT the compromise of the principles of the Word of God

Proverbs 31: 14
– The bread (the message) that the Bride brings comes from afar
– The message of the Bride is not of this world; it comes from a distant shore. It’s the Word that comes from God

Song of Solomon 5: 1 – “I am come into my garden, my sister, my spouse: I have gathered my myrrh with my spice; I have eaten my honeycomb with my honey; I have drunk my wine with my milk: eat, O friends; drink, yea, drink abundantly, O beloved.”

Where are YOU eating and drinking from today? Tradition? Religions of men and harlots? Join the Bride and eat the bread of life which is the Word of God.


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