Seasons 1, Episode 1: Challenging the Stigma

Challenging the Stigma – Looking at the stigmas surrounding mental health and the church.

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Challenging the Stigma

Mental Illness vs. Poor Mental Health (7:20)
● Mental illness is something diagnosable such as clinical depression whereas your mental health has more to do with your psychological and emotional well being
● Neglecting to take care of yourself mentally can cause you to suffer in your spiritual life as well as suffer physically

Trivializing Mental Illness in the Church (12:18)
● People in the church often trivialize or make light of mental illness or seasons of poor mental health in individuals
● Luke 12: 7, Matthew 6: 26, Matthew 6: 30
– God does not trivialize the issues of His people…He cares for us deeply
– the same way someone can be hurt or need going through a physical or financial problem, people can and do often go through mental issues
– Studies show that 1 in 5 Americans suffer from poor mental health; be careful the things you say and the ways may push away the very people we are called to reach

Seasonal/Environmental Effects on Mental Health (15:30)
● Mental health is often affected by the environment you are in
● The isolation caused by lockdowns and shutdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic greatly impacted the mental health of the entire world
● We KNOW that God is our healer and is able to heal all sickness but sometimes God will instead give us grace to go THROUGH situations and seasons
– Ecclesiastes 3: 1-4- There are different seasons of life
– John 16: 33- Jesus says that the world will have its seasons of tribulation but we do not fear for we know the God that has already overcome the world
– 2 Corinthians 12: 1-10- Paul has a physical illness that he prays for God to heal; instead the Lord gives Paul grace to endure in his infirmity for in our weakness, God’s strength is made perfect
– Exodus- The Lord does not simply lift his children up from bondage. For a time he allows them to go through and even at Jordan they are not brought out, they are brought THROUGH. He gives them grace in a pillar of the cloud, a pillar of fire and manna from heaven as the journey THROUGH the season in the wilderness

How to Respond or React to Others Dealing With Mental Illness (20:00)
● Remember that everyone does not have the same worldview as you
● Proverbs 25: 11, Proverbs 11: 30
– It’s important to be filled with the Holy Ghost and to pray ad ask God to give us words to say and the wisdom to apply our knowledge and be FRUITFUL and speak LIFE instead of condemnation to people going through struggles we may not understand
● Mark 1: 41-
– Jesus moved with COMPASSION; that’s what we should do

Takeaway (31:15)
● If you are someone who is struggling in your mental health, you do not have to be afraid to seek help and if you are not someone who is struggling with your mental health, you should try to not be someone that others feel afraid to come to
● Sometimes we just need to listen to people and try to understand them, rather than just try to ‘fix’ them
● We are not always the help someone needs but we can always try our best to find someone the help they need
● Isaiah 9: 6
– Jesus is not only King of kings and Lord of lords. He is our Counsellor in prayer and our relationship with Him and he gives us counsellors in our spiritual authorities and professional help


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