Season 1, Episode 7: Looking Through the Lens of Pain

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Looking Through the Lens of Pain

Lens (10:05)

-A lens is another way of saying a worldview or perspective in which some views the world and the environment around them
-A biblical lens means that you will view the world and your environment through a lens centered around Christ, and the lens shapes your view
-Our own personal experience shapes and/or affects our worldview
-Oftentimes people equate experiences as truths about the world. Although an experience can be very real anecdotally, it does not always pass as a generalization or standard across every circumstance.
-When people allow their personal experience to inform their worldview, it can cause problems in seeing things for what they really are

Viewing the Church from a Lens of Pain (13:30)

*Generational Pain
– Sometimes people experience hurt or trauma and it has an affect on the children they raise in terms of how those children view the church
– Introspection is so important and can be a practice that helps us discover underlying generational pains or traumas
– Looking to the past to learn can be very informing and shed light on our present, past, and future experiences; this is true for your own experiences and the experiences of others
– We’re given the Bible and the experiences of men and women of God for that very reason among many. If we have wisdom from God, we can look back and learn from the experiences of others

Trauma (24:30)

-Traumatic experiences are very prevalent in this day and age. The most important thing after a traumatic experience is receiving healing
-People that are experience trauma often allow their experience to shape their view of the world and of people
-People that have been hurt emotionally, mentally, and spiritually need healing just as much as people who experience physically hurt
-It’s not always easy for people to overcome traumatic experiences
-Common coping mechanisms for traumatic experiences are different types of suppression that don’t equate to healing often as a result of fear or misunderstanding of their experience
-Identifying the triggers of that trauma through introspection is very important
-People that experience trauma within the church might find that the traumatic trigger is found frequently in different people across different church communities, making it difficult to be comfortable in a church if they haven’t been healed of that trauma

Steps Toward Healing

*Social Interaction
– Having social interaction in counseling can be very beneficial to just exploring introspection
– Sometimes we’re afraid to do introspection by ourselves but having a mentor help you through the process can be a great step in the right direction for introspection
*Finding a Safe Space
– One of the reasons why people struggle with their traumatic experiences and having control is because their experience was a situation in where they felt their safety was comprised
– There is no safe space like the presence of the Holy Ghost
-Psalm 16: 28- There is FULLNESS of joy in the presence of the Lord. He is the comforter
-Matthew 11: 28- God can give you rest for your weariness

Being a Help

-As an Apostolic that may not be going through the battle of changing your lens, it’s important to remember that we are put on this earth to help others and help our brothers and sisters through their experiences.

2 Timothy 1: 7- The power of the Holy Ghost inside of us is the same power of God that brings peace, power, love and a strong mind. God did not just give it to us to keep and possess, we are to spread it

Matthew 10: 13- We have the power to let the peace we have within, come upon individuals and we can use that as a tool for ministry

It’s important to never belittle or write off someone else’s traumatic experiences

Those of us that have our own personal experiences can use our testimony to encourage others as they go along

Pain allows us to learn and grow and also protect ourselves from danger. So although we don’t desire pain, it can definitely be used for God’s glory and our ministry.

We cannot let pain be the lens in which we view the world. Let Gods Word and the Holy Ghost dictate how we see the world.


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