Season 1, Episode 5: The Comparison Trap with Pastor Nate Whitley

:Enjoy this interview with Pastor Nate Whitley of First Apostolic Church Knoxville. He is an accomplished speaker, author, fellow podcast host and much more. Links to all of his books, his online master’s class on “Spiritual Disciplines”, his podcast, blog and social media handle will be listed below.

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Video Notes:

The Comparison Trap

Gleaning from Testimony (5:30)

*Everyone has their own journey and path in their walk with God; it may not be the same as yours
*The Lord of Hosts can take anyone from any beginning or background and make something great of them and do great things through them
*You have to be willing to submit to God and to His process
*There’s always a process in the formation of a product; don’t forget that when you look at people of renown doing great things for God
*Luke 22: 42- be willing to submit to the process
Gods process isn’t determined by our desires, our time, or our terms
*Hebrews 11- the Lord used individuals who submitted to Him by faith
*Waiting time is not wasted time

Mental and Emotional Components of Waiting (27:00)

-In the world of constant social media, everyone needs some calibration
-What people put on social media will be the positive, edited, filtered parts of the story and the hard part is often left out
-Don’t be discouraged and fall into the comparison trap of comparing yourself to others on social media
-God created the whole man; mind, body, and spirit
-It’s easy for us to got caught up in looking at exterior matters of our bodies and seeing miracles and not take care of our minds
-Daily introspection is necessary when we constantly are looking at what others around us are doing

Proverbs 25: 28
-If we have no control over the inner parts of our being, we’re setting ourselves up for invasion
-Discipline is just as necessary for your soul and mind as it is for your body

Modeling Contentment in Leadership (40:00)

-In ministry it’s important to have emotional stability and not to just lead from your emotions day to day
-Find the time/outlet for yourself
-Have control over your emotions so that they don’t rule your days Be kingdom minded
-As a leader that is kingdom minded, you should want to see others succeed and rejoice with them
-Members of the same body don’t fight against each other, it’s one body
-Putting God’s kingdom first will rule out competing amongst the body

Romans 12: 15- Check your response
-Your response to the success of and struggles of others will reveal a lot about where your heart is
-Rejoice with people that are successful and be inspired by them
-Weep and pray for others that share struggles and hard times with you Insecurities will stop you from being an edifier of the body
*Success is getting what you want, fulfillment is giving what you’ve got

Takeaway (56:00)

If you’re focused on edifying the kingdom, you’re not going to fall into the comparison trap. Leave places, situations, and people, better than you found them


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