Season 1, Episode 4: The Cost of Moral Relativism

Join us as we discuss the Cost of Moral Relativism with guest Rev. Spencer Jordan on the Biblos Network.

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The Cost of Moral Relativism

What Is Moral Relativism? (2:40)

-Moral relativism can be described in today’s subjectification of the morality and truth, which takes away from the moral compass we are to live by
-We can see an example of this in the common phrase ‘Live your truth’ or ‘Do what makes you happy’

Romans 3: 4
-There is absolute truth in God’s Word but man can distort and diverge from that

Revelation 5: 6
-The only one with true perception is God; for He sees all things in all layers
-Perspective and experience of a man doesn’t equate to truth because with our 2 eyes we cannot always see the whole picture like God can

John 18: 37, 38, John 8: 18, John 14: 6
-Jesus is the Truth and came to bear witness of the Truth which was himself

John 17:17
-The Word of God is true

Structure in Truth (13:30)

-Many people in the world are in much anguish and strife because moral relativism is trampling the structure built upon the truth of Western Society
-Western society was built upon Judeau-Christian values and that truth is being done away with as well as the need for structure
-All life, even children playing games, is built on some sort of structure

Proverbs 22: 6
-Even children desire structure and truth, which is why God instructs is to train children in the ways of the truth

Matthew 24: 12
-Iniquity means lawlessness and absence/disregard of structure and authority
-Revolutionaries in the west in the 60s and 70s came and rebelled against their vision of ‘The Man’ (fathers, government, authority)
-In turn it translates into people coming and rebelling against God, whom all male authority is supposed to reflect

“In order to have moral law, we have to have a moral law- giver…to have justice, one that is just”

What is the Cost? (26:00)

-There are many costs of moral relativism in relation to mental health Anxiety
*Mental stress
*Feelings and restlessness and many more

-Political and social leaders often take advantage of people that their lives in moral relativism
-People that live life based on how they feel in the moment and don’t have any grounds for truth, will always be easily controlled
-A culture that denies truth, will create their own distorted truth
-Pressure to adhere to baseless truth in relativism, will erode away foundations and individual identity over time

*It’s important for pastors and ministry leaders to stay grounded in the truth of Gods Word and walk along side people to show them the truth that transcends each of our lives*

Romans 12: 2
-We cannot live our lives according to the hat this world says is true

How Do We Come Overcome Moral Relativism? (41:00)

-THE Truth of Gods Word will overcome every lie and falsehood

Isaiah 6: 1-5
-When we look up and see God, we see how unclean we really are

(Pastor Joel Urshan preaching the Unclean Profit)

-The Bible allows us to look at the image of God and see how we reflect
-The Bible must be our moral compass

2 Peter 3: 9
-This is a person coming to the truth of who we really are and allowing God to change us into who we are supposed to be

Matthew 11: 28
-We were never meant to be our own God, but that’s what happens when we remove God from the picture
-A life without God as our guide and compass is hard
-Don’t start with making everyone else repent for their sins, start with yourself

*We cannot look within, unless we look up to God*

-Our relationship with God informs our relationship with others
-We’ve got to establish scriptural authority

Revelation 8: 8-10
-Consuming the Word is sweet but it moves the inside of a persons being
-It would seem like this is a bad thing but it’s what man needs to be moved. We need to be moved to repentance and our innermost being needs to be exposed to the Truth of Jesus


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