Season 1, Episode 3: Overcoming Insecurity in Ministry

Join us for a journey through the layers of insecurity that all people encounter and how we can overcome it.

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Video Notes Below!!

Defining Insecurity in Ministry (2:50)

-We can define insecurity in ministry as the feeling of inadequacy or lack of ability to minister to people
-Since the fall of man and introduction of sin into world, shame and insecurity in identity came into the world also. The Holy Ghost is the Spirit that makes us ‘whole’ in Christ and can help us overcome our own insecurities.

Balance (10:00)

-There has to be a balance not thinking too much of ourselves and not thinking so little of ourselves
-The confidence to minister has to come from something other than your own personal ability; as Apostolics that confidence and identity much come from Christ
-Part of effective ministry is not focusing on ourselves too much and be confident in God

James 4: 6
-We can think of ourselves too highly and have too much pride and God will resist us
Exodus 4: 10 (Moses’ speech insecurity)
-We can think of ourselves too much an belittle ourselves to the point where we deny the power of God to be able to use us
Acts 1: 8
-We can be confident in knowing the God has given us power through the Holy Ghost to minister and serve as we’re called

Indicators of Insecurity

1. Comparison (19:30)
-Comparing and measuring ourselves against the works of others

2 Corinthians 10: 12
-Comparing yourself to others can kill our own security
-We should compare ourselves to God’s Word and let Him examine and measure us
Proverbs 12: 25
-Our own thoughts and comparisons bring us down but the Word of God can lift us up
Psalms 119: 105, Psalms 37: 23
-Let the Lord measure us, lead us and guide us
Zechariah 4: 6-10
-Don’t despise where you’re at in a small beginning, God can still use you And don’t compre the stage you’re at to how far along someone else is

2. Compensation (31:37)
-You feel like a victim so you try to compensate for feeling less than
Proverbs 3: 5, 6
-Don’t feel like a victim because of an opportunity you feel like you missed Be faithful to God and He will open up doors for you

3. Competition (39:10)
-Feeling the need to have to compete with brothers and sisters around you that are working fit the same cause

Romans 12: 15
-Support the successes of your brothers and sisters in their ministry and hold them up when there are short-comings

4. Compulsion
-You are driven to perform compulsively to gain others approval; you are a people pleaser

5. Condemnation (39:50)
-The judgmental attitude of yourself or others which results in self-pity or self- conceit
-Oftentimes we will see the bad in others, to magi fit the good in ourselves
-If you constantly put others under the microscope of criticism, do some introspection and truly ask yourself why and ask God to examine you and reveal those things unto you
-We should be promoters of the Body of Christ

6. Control (47:45)
-You feel the need to take charge and exert power over others, in order to validate yourself or your your self-worth

7. Defensiveness
-You close up or get defensive in the face of criticism
-Remember that someone else’s criticism doesn’t change our identity in Christ and it doesn’t change our worth in Him

-We can also burden others with unfair judgements by projecting our insecurities on them

What to Do About Insecurities

-Recognize, Analyze, Organize
-How does this effect my relationships?
-Why do I feel this way?
-What triggers cause my insecurities to show up or cause me to react?
-Formulate intentional ways of avoiding those triggers and find avenues in prayer, Gods word, and counsel on how to be more confident in the face of your insecurities

What Do You Do When You’re Lead by an Insecure Leader? (58:00)
-Just be an edifier of that body or team
-Building up fo others in turn will build you up and help you with your own insecurities
-True ministry is the service and edifying of others

Everything worth anything will take time and practice. Don’t get discouraged and quit when you forget or mess up here and there

The key to overcoming insecurity is edifying the body.


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