Season 1, Episode 2: Stress and Ministry

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Stress and Ministry

Defining Stress in Ministry (1:40)

-Stress in terms of ministry and mental health is the pressure, demands and adversity that cause mental strain when serving and leading the people we are called to
-Stress can have very adverse effects on your ministry and touch every aspect of it

Physiological Occurrences (6:30)

-Factors such as poor sleep/rest, poor diet, and other mental health factors can contribute to stress
-These contributions often raise cortisol levels in your body that are hard to regulate and cause your hormone levels to react
-This occurrence can become cyclical
-Vasoconstriction can occur and your blood pressure increases which leads to a number of different health effects and other risks
Over a period of time you can get used to operating ministerially in this state but it’s not the will of God for us to operate that way

Hebrews 12: 1
-Stress may not be a sin, but it can definitely be a weight that will beset us and affect our ministry

Living in Stress (9:30)

-Living in a constant state of stress causes us to act differently in a way we were never intended to
It makes us REactive instead of PROactive
On a ministry level, this can have negative effects on your operation in relationships, communication, and thought process with the people you lead and work with AND the people in your personal life

How Can We Be Proactive or Recover from High Stress? (11:20)

*2 Great books are “Ordering Your Private World” by Gordon McDonald and “Soul Keeping” by John Ortberg

-It is important to take stock of where we are physically, mentally and emotionally in prayer as individuals
-In prayer and the Word of God we can self assess our lives and the Lord can examine our lives and reveal sources of stress to us
-It’s important to find rest in God day to day for your mind and for your soul

John 16: 33
-Jesus tells us that the world will be in tribulation and troubles will come, but we don’t fear for God has already overcome those issues
-Stress will drain your spirit, but we don’t refill with natural things, we refill with the things of God

Stress in Social Media for a Child of God (20:30)

2 Corinthians 10: 12
-Constantly having your eyes on other churches and their ministry can discourage us and cause us to compare ourselves

Ephesians 4: 16
-We all have our own unique place and part in the kingdom of God
-We’re all called to be what WE are called to be; not what someone is called to be

Daily Practices to Combat Stress (28:20)

-Daily introspection in prayer and reading of God’s word
-Recognize where you are and your daily surroundings that cause stress
-Seek wisdom from God on how to first recognize those sources and deal with them
-Getting rest mentally, spiritually, and physically
*Rest from social media
*Physical exercise
*Take work breaks throughout the day
*Get alone with God in prayer and meditation on His word
-Friends, Mentors and Counsellors
*It’s important to stay connected to people of God that you can open up to and just have real 1 on 1 conversations with
*Have accountability partners that will give you feedback and make sure you’re in the right space
-Find things that help YOU personally relax and relieve stress; everyone is different so find what works for you
*Make sure whatever that think is, is more than just an activity to keep you busy; that can lead to just more stress

What to Do In the Moment/Preparation for Stressful Situations (36:45)

-Identity the things that cause you to be stressed
-Thinking clearly
*Practice what you should do or how you want to handle stressful situations
-Take a deep breath and analyze your situation and setting BEFORE you just react to one immediate factor
-Schedule a meeting
*Slow the situation down or if possible move the conversation or confrontation to a later place and time where can think clearly and not just react
*A vast majority of issues in ministry are not life and death scenarios and can be handled at a later time
-Pull wisdom and knowledge from a past stressful experience
*Analyzing a previous experience can often shed light on how to handle and current and or future situation
-Ask God for wisdom in prayer on how He wants us to handle certain stressful situations



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