Season 1, Episode 10: Identity

Join us for this discussion about Identity with Evan and Ashley Grizzle.

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Where Does Identity Come From? (8:00)

-Our earliest formation of our identity begins with our caretakers in our childhood; we make sense of the world through our first interactions with them
-As we develop as children into adolescents, our sense of identity tends to move away from our caretakers or parental figures into a more independent image

Identity and Self-Worth (13:00)

-Oftentimes people derive their identity from their sense of self-worth; in doing so we can tie our identities to specific characteristics, traits, talents, and capabilities
*As followers of Christ (especially in ministry) it’s important to always focus on our identity in Christ and be who He has called us to be
– In the beginning, Adam and Eve had their Identity in God and it was based on what God informed them about themselves
– Satan comes and challenges what God informed them and that’s the first time identity of a man is questioned
– The fall of man caused by questioning their identity in God caused their identity to change and from then on they lived a miserable life beneath who they were called to be
– We were never meant to have our identity stored in outside factors or environments that change; our identity is supposed to be in God who is the same, yesterday today and forever

Psalm 37: 23
-Having our identity in God and following His plan for our life’s is the most safe, stable, and rewarding thing we can do

John 16: 33
-As Christians that have our identity in Christ, we know where to go and who to turn to when bad things happen

Knowing Where Our Identity Lies (25:00)


-If I were to remove an extrinsic factor in my life away, would I be the same person and would I still feel valued?

Our main identifying factor should be that we are born again sons and daughters of God and the Holy Ghost gives us intrinsic identity.

We have the Bible and the Spirit of God to look to that tells us exactly who we are.

Allow criticism to refine you, but don’t let it define you


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