Are You Saved If You Believe?


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Are You Saved If You Believe?

You Do Need to Believe to Be Saved? (9:00)

-Hebrews 11: 16
You must have faith
-BUT you must also obey the plan of salvation in Acts 2: 38

Believing as the Bible Teaches (10:20)

-The Bible’s definition of ‘believe’ and the modern definition are two different things

-Romans 4: 5
Works of the LAW cannot justify us

-James 2: 14-26
Faith is made perfect by works; faith alone without works is incomplete AND works without faith is incomplete

Baptism, Repentance, and the Holy Ghost (19:40)

-John 3: 5
Water Baptism and the Holy Ghost are necessary to enter the kingdom of God

*When we do the action of crying out in repentance, God does the work of forgiveness
*When we go down in the water and get baptized, God does the work of remitting our sin
*When we ask God to fill us with the Holy Ghost, God does the work of filling
*BIBLE believing is having faith and then putting action to it

-James 2: 21-23
Abraham first had faith, then put action (work) behind, THEN the scripture of Abraham believing was fulfilled; who was the father of faith
-Believing God as the Bible says is putting works with your faith
-Every person in the faith chapter Hebrews 11 had some sort of action coupled with their faith
*We are saved by Repentance, Water Baptism in Jesus’ Name, and the Infilling of the Holy Ghost; these are all righteous works of righteousness

-John 7: 37-39
Believing the way the scripture says WILL result in being filled with the Holy Ghost and following the action it takes for that to happen


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